Saurage Collective​ Clientele Map

Saurage Collective is proud of the impact we have made in providing facilities with quality credentialing services. We are honored to have served many facilities across the United States, and we are committed to continuing our mission of providing excellent care for our clients. Our credentialing process involves verifying documents, contracting and evaluating credentials and experience of providers in order to ensure they meet specified standards before being approved for work within a facility. Over the years, Saurage Collective has consistently demonstrated its commitment to excellence by helping countless facilities provide their patients with quality care delivered by qualified providers. We are proud to be a part of this mission, and look forward to serving more facilities as our reach grows. With Saurage Collective’s expertise in credentialing services, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.
sauarge collective​ clientele map

Behavioral Health Facilities

Starlight Recovery Center – Texas
Origins Recovery Center – Texas
Respite New Beginnings – Texas
Basepoint Psychiatry – Texas
The last Resort – Texas
La Hacienda  – Texas
Changepoint – Texas
Springboard – Texas
Awakenings – Texas
Creekview – Texas
Clearfork – Texas
Archways – Texas
Brazos – Texas
Atalee – Texas
Rise – Texas
Roots – California
Polaris – California
Monarch – California
True Labs – California
Alo House – California
Joinmonument – California
Launch Recovery Center – California
Center for Discovery – New York
Resilience Labs – New York
Ascendants – New York
Refuah PT – New York

Evolve Recovery Center – New Jersey
Cresac Medical Group – New Jersey
Enlightened and CAP – New Jersey
Hidden Treasures – New Jersey
Footprints – New Jersey
Footprints – Tennessee
New Life Lodge – Tennessee
Cumberland Heights – Tennessee
Footprints – Colorado
Northpoint – Colorado
Red Rock – Colorado
Archstone – Florida
Twelve Oaks – Florida
Bridge to Recovery – Arizona
Sierra Tucson – Arizona
Footprints – Illinois
Northern Illinois Recovery Center – Illinois
Life Healing Center – New Mexico
Crest View – North Carolina
Britelife – South Carolina
Avenues – Pennsylvania
Sanalake – Montana
AVEA – Oregon

Medical Facilities

Cedar Park Family Emergency Room – Texas
Georgetown Family Emergency Room – Texas
Brushy Creek Family Hospital – Texas
Lake Travis Family Hospital – Texas
Bandera Family Hospital – Texas
Round Rock – Texas
Lakeline – Texas

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