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Saurage Collective is here to help you with all of your Medical Billing and Collections needs. With our team of experienced professionals, we provide comprehensive billing solutions for healthcare providers across the country. Our services are tailored to each provider’s specific needs and can be applied to both in-house staff or outsourced projects. We implement advanced technologies that automate processes from start to finish and use analytics to optimize accuracy and efficiency. We understand how important it is for health care providers to get paid, and we strive to secure reimbursement quickly so they can focus on providing quality patient care. Let us take the stress out of managing your billing operations while ensuring accurate processing of payments. Get in touch today for a free consultation!
Keep track of outstanding payments effortlessly by taking advantage of our reliable billing and collections services.
Develop an optimized system for handling your accounts receivable through professional advice on billing and collections services.
Increase accuracy in bookkeeping operations by taking advantage of our tailor-made approach to billing and collections management.

What Is Billing and Collections

Billing and Collections is a process of sending invoices to customers for goods or services provided, and then collecting payments. It involves setting payment terms and reminding customers when their payments are due. This process can be time consuming, but it is an important part of running a successful business. With efficient systems in place, businesses can ensure that they get paid promptly while providing excellent customer service. Additionally, accurate billing records help companies track income and expenses as well as maintain relationships with customers. Billing and collections are essential components of any successful business model.

Credentialing Services​

Get your business up-and-running in no time with comprehensive credentialing solutions from the team here at Saurage Collective!

Contracting Services

Get all your medical certifications in order & put an end to costly billing mistakes by utilizing our Contracting Services!

Rate Negotiating Services

Don’t waste time navigating the complex world of insurance rate negotiation – we’ve got you covered!

How Billing and Collections Work

Billing and Collections is a process of collecting money from customers due for goods and services rendered. It begins with the creation of invoices, which are sent to customers who then pay their bill using the method specified on the invoice. If payment is not received within the given time frame, a collections process begins. This involves sending out reminders, making phone calls or emails, or engaging in negotiation with debtors in an effort to collect outstanding payments. Once payment has been received, it needs to be reconciled into the billing system in order to ensure accuracy. The billing and collection process is crucial for businesses as proper management helps maintain positive cash flow while ensuring that all accounts receivable are paid on time. With effective management of billing and collections processes, businesses can ensure their financial stability.

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What Makes Our Company Different

At Saurage Collective, we understand the importance of billing and collections services for any business. Our team is committed to providing you with the best possible solutions for managing your invoicing and payments. We are dedicated to streamlining this process with our comprehensive suite of integrated software that makes it easy to track all transactions and ensure accuracy. Our team is also available to provide personalized support when needed, so that you can be sure you’re getting the most out of your billing and collections services. With Saurage Collective, you can rest assured knowing that your business will be in good hands when it comes to billing and collecting payments from customers. We strive to make sure that all transactions are accurate, secure, and efficient, so you can get back to focusing on what really matters for your business. Focus more time and resources on growing your business!
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