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We Are The One-Stop Credentialing Solution For All Behavioral Health & Medial Facilities

Saurage Collective is the best source for credentialing services. Our team has years of experience in providing top-notch credentialing solutions to our clients. We have a track record of success and are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Our experienced staff uses cutting-edge technology and innovative methods to provide you with comprehensive credentialing services, from applications and renewals to verifications and background checks. With our extensive knowledge, we can help you quickly get your credentials in order so that you can move forward with your career or business endeavors. We understand the importance of staying up-to-date on industry trends and regulations, and we make sure that all of our processes meet or exceed the highest standards set forth by governing bodies in the credentialing industry. At Saurage Collective, we are committed to helping you succeed and giving you the best possible experience with credentialing services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get started on your path to success!

We Deliver The Industry Standards

What Makes Our Company Different

Saurage Collective is revolutionizing the medical credentialing and behavioral health credentialing landscape. We make the process easy, fast, and secure. Our team of experts understand the complexities of different state regulations, payer requirements, training protocols, and more. With our all-in-one platform for managing credentials across multiple states, Saurage Collective simplifies the tedious paperwork associated with medical credentialing. Plus, we provide step-by-step guidance to ensure you have everything you need for successful onboarding and continued compliance. We also offer a range of additional features to help streamline processes such as multi-state license management, automated background checks, custom forms creation and submission tracking. With Saurage Collective, you can be sure that your medical and behavioral health credentialing process is efficient, secure, and up-to-date.


When it comes to credentialing and professional growth, honesty is the best policy. Develop and maintain a strong reputation by always being truthful & honest.


Encourage transparency by taking the steps to get credentialed. Credentialing is an important step for any healthcare organization to ensure quality care and patient safety.


Holding yourself accountable is an important step in achieving success. With credentialing, you can ensure that your qualifications are verified and up to date.

Why Sauarge Collective Was Created

Sauarge Collective was created to provide a platform for credentialing within the health and wellness industry. The founders saw a need in the market for a more organized, streamlined process of verifying credentials and allowing professionals to showcase their expertise and experience. With Sauarge Collective, industry professionals now have an opportunity to highlight their credentials on one centralized platform that is accessible and trusted by both employers and consumers alike. Its mission is to promote quality care by simplifying the way the healthcare industry screens, verifies, and promotes professionals who are dedicated to providing exceptional service. The company also seeks to simplify the hiring process for organizations looking for qualified workers while increasing transparency between employers and employees. Ultimately, its goal is to ensure that everyone gets access to reliable evidence-based care. Sauarge Collective is an innovative tool that helps to ensure the highest standards of practice in the health and wellness industry.
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Cade Saurage is a credentialing specialist with over 20 years of experience. He has helped individuals become more knowledgeable in their area of expertise, enhance job opportunities and increase income. With his diverse background in health care, business management, government consulting and clinical research, Cade specializes in the complex process of certification for medical professionals. His expertise includes assisting clients to obtain board certifications from different organizations such as The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). He also provides advice on how to maintain credentials throughout one’s professional career. In addition to his work with credentialing, Cade is a published author who has written several books related to healthcare and professional growth. He is passionate about helping others achieve their professional goals and believes that everyone should have the opportunity to reach their highest potential. Cade’s dedication to education, experience and care for his clients has made him a trusted advisor in the field of credentialing. He is committed to providing valuable resources, support and guidance to healthcare professionals as they take steps towards achieving successful outcomes. With Cade’s help, you can trust that your credentials are secure and will open up more opportunities for you throughout your career.


Experienced Consultant with a passion and demonstrated history of work in the Behavioral Healthcare industry. Business owner and operator. Her experience in multiple contract negotiations with multiple provider networks and a strong knowledge and understanding of insurance companies credentialing requirements. is what brought her to the Saurage Collective. She enjoys the challenge of working with the insurance companies and finds fulfillment after receiving those notifications that our provider enrollment dates are effective and everyone is properly loaded. Desiree is excited to bring her experience with the insurance payers to Saurage Collective. She accepts every day as an opportunity to grow and develop into a stronger professional taking chances and never-ceasing the opportunity. Desiree’s passion for Behavioral Healthcare and her dedication to providing excellent service have been evident throughout her career. From contract negotiations with multiple provider networks, her comprehensive understanding of insurance companies’ credentialing requirements, Desiree brings valuable experience and knowledge to the Saurage Collective team. She relishes every new challenge that comes her way and finds great satisfaction when she receives notifications that all our provider enrollments are effective and everyone is loaded properly.

Helping Facilities Hold The Standard Since 1998

With its commitment to quality, convenience, and transparency, Sauarge Collective has become a respected platform for credentialing in the healthcare industry. Its unique system allows employers to quickly and easily verify credentials, which in turn reduces time spent on tedious background checks and eliminates potential hiring mistakes due to inadequate vetting procedures. Furthermore, this system also encourages professionals to be proactive about their credentials by providing them with an easy way to showcase their experience and expertise. Professionals can even choose to keep their information private if they wish, allowing for greater control over how they are represented within the industry. In addition to these features, Sauarge Collective also provides extensive education resources and tools to help professionals stay informed and up-to-date on best practices. This ensures that the health and wellness industry is well-informed and equipped with the latest knowledge in order to provide top-notch services. Sauarge Collective is committed to making sure the health and wellness industry remains a trusted source of care for all consumers. By providing users with an efficient credentialing platform, the company has established itself as a leader in the field by taking proactive steps to ensure quality control throughout healthcare organizations. With its commitment to transparency, convenience, quality, and education, Sauarge Collective is paving the way for a more reliable system of credentialing within the health and wellness industry.
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