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Don't Let Provider Contracting And Credentialing Hold You Back! Learn How Insurance Contracting And Credentialing Simplifies The Process.

Saurage Collective specializes in behavioral health and medical credentialing compliance, providing clients with one-stop credentialing consulting services. We partner with healthcare providers to ensure that their facilities, doctors, nurses, and clinicians are up to date on all credentialing requirements.

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The Purpose of Credentialing

The credentialing process plays a vital role in the providing of healthcare services. Healthcare provider credentialing ensures patients that the professionals treating them possess the qualifications, training, and education required by law. 


Completing the series of stringent credentialing guidelines holds healthcare workers to high industry standards that are designed to assure patients that they will receive quality care within a safe setting. The verification of these credentials, however, can be a tedious and challenging process. That is where Saurage Collective comes in – to comb through and scrutinize the credentials of practitioners in order to ensure provider compliance.

Credentialing Services​

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Contracting Services

Discover the advantages of provider contracting services with us and let our team of experts take the stress out of the credentialing process.

Rate Negotiating Services

Get reliable guidance on negotiating better insurance rates without sacrificing quality, so you can maximize your revenue while minimizing costs.

Aspects of Credentialing

The behavioral health and medical credentialing process involves a multitude of steps that are designed to provide proof of a healthcare professional’s qualifications to practice. Background checks and references, work history, and education are assessed to demonstrate competence. Once the standards threshold is met, a credential is awarded.

We Deliver The Industry Standards

At minimum, the documentation and assessment process includes a review of:

Importance of Credentialing Compliance

The practice of medicine, mental health care, and addiction treatment demands a high level of responsibility from healthcare professionals. These individuals must complete years of education and training before being licensed and credentialed in the healthcare space.


But it isn’t enough to simply acquire the necessary credentials to practice medicine. To remain a trusted provider in the eyes of the state, the industry, and the patient, there must be assurance of ongoing compliance.


As the healthcare industry evolves, so do its practitioner requirements. A Credentialing Specialist is able to oversee a provider’s compliance to any updated standards, certifications, and regulations. This ensures high quality patient care and safety, resulting in cost-savings due to any legal challenges or insurance claims caused by noncompliance.

The Role of a Credentialing Specialist

The Credentialing Specialist is tasked with a vital role within the healthcare industry. These professionals ensure that a healthcare provider is adhering to state and federal guidelines and licensing requirements that safeguard patient safety.



Healthcare industry guidelines and standards are regularly updated. The Credentialing Specialist sees to it that the provider is informed of any changes, and remains in compliance with updated regulations.



The ongoing communication provided by the Credentialing Specialist, as they continually monitor credentials and licenses, allows healthcare providers to practice legally. When a credentialing or licensing issue is identified, the Credentialing Specialist offers guidance and notifies them of the steps required to update or renew the credentials in question.

At minimum, the documentation and assessment process includes a review of:

Related Compliance Services

There are several tools related to credentialing that help to improve overall organizational health. Credentialing is a diverse landscape that includes these services:

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Saurage Collective has extensive experience providing top-notch credentialing solutions to a wide array of clients in the healthcare space. With a deep understanding of the complexities of state regulations, our team will ensure that your medical and behavioral health credentialing process is efficient, secure, and up to date.

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