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We Are The One-Stop Credentialing Solution For All Behavioral Health & Medial Facilities

We At Saurage Collective provide comprehensive behavioral health and medical credentialing services to ensure that all healthcare facilities have the necessary credentials in place for their providers. Our one-stop solution includes everything from provider enrollment, contract management, and primary source verification. We make sure your facility is compliant with state and federal regulations so you can rest assured knowing your practice is in good hands. With our top-notch credentialing services, you can be sure that your providers will always be eligible for reimbursement and you’ll never miss a beat when it comes to having the highest quality care available to your patients. Let us take the hassle out of credentialing so you can focus on providing the best care possible. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!

Contracting & Credentialing

Take the first step to simplify and streamline your credentialing process with Contracting and Credentialing Services. Get started today!

Individual Provider Enrollment

Enroll as an individual provider with your insurance company to get the benefits of increased access to care for your patients!

Behavioral Health Facilities

If you’re looking for expert guidance to help you meet the challenges of running a behavioral health facility, we can help you succeed!
Credentialing Specialist

Value Based Contracting

Take the first step and consider Value Based Contracting – it could be the key to unlocking better, more cost-effective healthcare outcomes.

Rate Negotiations

Take advantage of our insurance rate negotiation services to get the best possible rates for all your coverage needs. Call today & start saving money!

Medical Facilities

Discover how Medical Facility Consulting can help you improve the quality of care and increase patient satisfaction in your healthcare facility.

Revenue Cycle Management

Discover how our Revenue Cycle Management Service can help you streamline your billing and collections process! Save time and money today.

RCM Internal Systems Training

Are you ready to take your organization’s internal systems training program to the next level? Our RCM Internal Systems Training Service can help!

RCM Development

Experience improved financial outcomes and greater operational efficiency with our Revenue Cycle Management Development services.

Billing and Collections

Take the first step towards financial success and make sure your billing and collections processes are up to date & operations are running smoothly.

Behavioral Health Billing

Take advantage of our Behavioral Health Billing Service to maximize your practice’s revenue and ensure accurate claims processing.

Medical Billing

Take the stress out of managing your medical billing by enlisting the help of a professional Medical Billing Service. Save time and money!

Facility Accreditation

Make sure your medical healthcare facility is meeting the highest standards of care by obtaining the proper accreditation today.

TJC Accreditation

Joint Commission Accreditation ensures that your healthcare organization meets the highest standards for patient care.

CARF Accreditation

Take the first step in becoming accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and start improving your quality of care.

Payer Analysis

Discover how Payer Analysis can help you make better decisions by analyzing trends in healthcare cost and utilization.

Payer Mix Recommendations

Implement our Payer Mix Recommendations to take advantage of all the opportunities available to the marketplace today!

Reimbursement Rates By Region

Find out how to maximize your earnings in your region by learning more about the current reimbursement rates available today!

State Licensing

Take your career to the next level and get state licensing today! It’s a great way to increase your qualifications & prove your expertise.
If you’re looking for a credentialing specialist to get your paperwork approved and manage your medical credentials, hiring an experienced and knowledgeable professional is the best way to ensure success.

The Saurage Collective Standard

Saurage Collective is the industry’s standard for Credentialing. We specialize in Behavioral Health Credentialing, Medical Credentialing and Provider Enrollment. With their comprehensive services, Saurage Collective ensures that your process of credentialing or enrollment is performed quickly and accurately. Their team of experts guides you through the entire process, delivering a hassle-free experience that meets the highest standards in the industry. With Saurage Collective you can trust that your credentialing and provider enrollment will be done efficiently and with accuracy. We offer specialized services customized to meet your needs, including: credentialing verification of credentials; provider enrollment applications; contract review and negotiation; training for credentialing personnel; and more. With Saurage Collective, you can be sure that your credentialing and provider enrollment needs are taken care of properly. No matter what kind of medical or behavioral health credentialing is required, We have the expertise to handle it all. We provide the highest quality services for the most affordable prices, making us the industry’s standard for credentialing. With Saurage Collective, you can be confident that your process will be handled professionally and efficiently.
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